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Abstract Demo

Scrivener Demo

Needles & Knives Demo

Low Demo

A to Z


Bets Demo

c# minor funk 3-1-10

Train Song Demo

The Jolly Funk

Play this One (Pat's Song)

The Peaks of Mount GyroFlex

The Jolly Funk with Sol

Funk Reversion Attempt 2 part 2

Iron Man

I Once Was Lost

How Was Your Day? feat. Joel

A Midnight Meeting

Where did you put my acid?


Can't get you out of my mind (funk version)

The Hard Funk (6-5-10)

A New Musical Direction

The Mushroom Blues

It is kinda hype

Arabian Acid Folk

Fourth of July (Acoustic Demo)

Precursor to Blues Jam

Lovesick Blues

Slower than Dubstep

Amazing Sounds

BumpBump Deedeedeedee

Free Jam

Raucus Funk


Razor Ball

Opening Jam 9-8-10

Pirate Medley

15 Minute Jam